About Us

I'd like to take this opportunity to offer you a brief history of our company. The following information becomes useful when investing in a quality sterilizing machine, utility carts or various stainless steel products.

Wayne Metal Products, Inc. is a family owned company, which was founded in 1955. We are complete "start to finish", FDA registered, manufacturing facility. Our products are Cad Cam generated and then finished on the most modern computerized machinery. These CNC machines have the strictest tolerances, which can only be achieved with today's latest technologies. This, coupled with our using the highest grade, nonmagnetic stainless steel and top quality components, makes every one of our products the finest on the market. Over the many decades, our product line has encompassed everything from custom projects, restaurant equipment, mirror finished display items and medical equipment.

Our Sterilizers are used in all fields, including medical doctors, veterinarians, dentists, electrologists, tattoo artists, hospitals, military facilities, testing laboratories, medical colleges, public school systems, corporate infirmaries, institutions, etc. Of Course, Wayne Dry Heat Sterilizers are registered with the Food and Drug Administration.

Dry Heat Sterilization is one of the 3 methods of destroying bacteria and microorganisms recommended by the Center for Disease Control. Dry Heat does not rust or corrode instruments and is exceptional for use on metal, glass, and ceramics. AIDS, probably your biggest concern, is totally destroyed in the Dry Heat Sterilizing process.

In Conclusion, our company was founded with a commitment to provide quality products and unsurpassed service. The fact that we've been meeting our loyal customers needs since 1955, gives testimony that we've met our challenge.